The Solar Marketing Agency: Boosting Your Solar Business through Digital Marketing

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A solar marketing agency is essentially a digital marketing agency that specializes in generating sales leads for solar panel installers.

The solar PV installation market is pretty competitive. Installers that choose to work with a generalist digital marketing agency, are at a disadvantage compared to regional competitors that go with a specialist solar marketing agency. Let’s take a look why.

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What can a solar marketing agency do for your installation business?

A specialist solar agency can help your solar PV business by tailoring a marketing strategy that:

  1. Brings in more leads
  2. Builds a competitive advantage and positions your brand competitively
  3. Builds your brand awareness
  4. Optimizes your offering for customer satisfaction and profitability
  5. Gets your ducks in line for an easier close

What are the best solar marketing approaches to capture more leads?

Customer satisfaction and leads are the be all and end all of solar installation businesses. All marketing agencies do lead generation, but solar marketing agencies can help grow your solar sales funnel through more and better leads.

We do this with high-conversion landing pages, content marketing, SEO, marketing automation, service quality training (to get more positive reviews), your social media presence, online listings (such as Google My Business), email marketing, b2b prospecting and online ads. The devil is in the details though, as we do things a bit differently using our solar installer experience.

If you’re looking for residential or commercial solar leads, the process for generating each can be very different.

At Texentric we also ensure that the leads are prequalified, of high quality and that your business has the proper systems in place to convert these leads into sales.

Solar lead generation with PPC search ads

One of the more traditional marketing tools for generating solar leads is pay-per-click (PPC) paid ads. These typically target search terms such as “solar panels in San Antonio Texas” in order to get your business to appear at the top of Google search results. They can also be displayed on the Google Display Network on other relevant sites. This is the fastest way to get qualified traffic to your website. Unfortunately ads can be costly and require experience to have a good return on investment. That’s where our background comes in handy. And that’s also why you should never just rely on ads alone to grow your business.

Content Marketing and SEO services for solar companies

A good marketing partner will help you create the necessary content for your website to attract new clients. By optimizing your website for SEO we can help you boost your Google rankings.  Search engine optimization can supplement your advertising to generate leads, reduce your ad expenditure and increase your ROI further. Although this takes more time to see results, it is helpful to include in your marketing plan.

Social media marketing for solar PV installers

The various social media platforms play different roles in increasing brand awareness and reaching your target audience. A good agency will use social media marketing to help you reach relevant commercial customers (through LinkedIn) and grow your online reach and awareness with residential prospects (Mostly Facebook and perhaps Instagram). Marketing to local prospects through social media is a part of almost any digital marketing strategy, but it takes a lot of work to get it right. We often advise that at least some of this content is taken on by your internal marketing team.

Website design for solar energy companies

No, you probably don’t need a new website! We often get asked about this a lot. Here is where web design usually fits into your business needs. The website (your landing pages in particular) is where you will capture all the leads for your company, so it is important to keep up to a high standard.

Your site needs to be informative, presentable, up to date, SEO-friendly (a blog helps), optimized for conversion, trustworthy, fast and should have multiple landing pages for each campaign or buyer type. It sounds like a lot, but most of the time websites that don’t meet all of these criteria can be spruced up a bit.

Other strategies and digital marketing services of value to the solar industry

One of the best ways to find more customers and grow is to create a customized approach for your business’s unique challenges. This is where a specialist solar marketing agency can help with unique strategies and techniques. Make sure to get in touch with us to find out more about what we can do for you to find more leads and close more deals.

Why is the solar market challenging without a specialist solar digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency for solar can find you potential customers more efficiently than generalist agencies. This is due to our experience with proven digital growth techniques that apply mostly to solar PV installers and EPCs.

Not only do we have the right experience and specialist tools, we also understand your target audiences better, we’re familiar with marketing supplemental tech (e.g. heat pumps), and have extensive experience in other clean energy marketing technologies.

A specialist in digital marketing for solar companies doesn’t need much time to understand your business and products – time that generalist agencies charge for. Having a better understanding of the solar market has a dramatic impact on results.

Not to mention, most digital marketing campaigns designed specifically by solar marketing agencies outperform cookie-cutter campaigns.

What to look for in solar marketing experts

Other than the obvious specialization in solar marketing, there are quite a few things you may want to look into.

You want to make sure there is good chemistry working with them. We recommend our clients undertake a test project with us before we reach a more long-term arrangement with them.

What other cleantech have they worked with? If your agency focuses solely on solar, there’s a chance of conflicts with other clients they may have in your territory. Fortunately, at Texentric we limit our client base to avoid this risk.

Get in touch with us for a free marketing consultation or find out more about picking a cleantech marketing agency for your solar business.

Nicolas Virtsonis, Cleantech Marketer & Founder of Texentric

Nicolas specializes in international marketing for clean technologies. Nick's focus is on international market entry, technology distribution and growth marketing for tech. 

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