The Ultimate (free) PowerPoint template for Renewables professionals, EPC, HVAC and Cleantech

Save time, pitch like a pro, win more deals with 50 great slides.

We've put together a totally free fully customizable PRO presentation template that you can adapt for your own presentations. It has designed specifically for renewables, cleantech, engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) and HVAC professionals and businesses.


50 Unique Slides

59 Cleantech Icons

What does it include?

50 unique slides, designed specifically for renewables, EPC, HVAC and cleantech

59 industry-specific icons (in awesome scalable, re-color-able vector format:-)

A fully customizable world map with individual countries that can be separately colored, copied, pasted, enlarged etc.

Multiple device mock-ups for presenting websites, software or apps (mobile & desktop)

Product highlights and features slides

Business tool slides: case study, testimonial, solution comparison page and image gallery slides, project team slide, organizational map and more

Project management and tools slides: Gantt chart, process charts, mind-maps, fishbone diagram, Venn, Kanban board for project management and more

Multiple dashboard, metrics, statistics and chart slides

Clean, crisp text and column designs for plain text

What situations is this slide deck ideal for in EPC, HVAC, cleantech and renewables businesses?

Presentations are not necessarily a day-to-day tool for most of us, even if you are a PowerPoint power-user. In the renewables & environment markets (as in most) presentations are reserved for those high-intensity valued opportunity moments. This template covers all bases:

  • Introducing your business, products or services to an audience
  • Pitching to a prospective client
  • Getting new partners on board
  • Securing investors or financing for your renewable / green projects
  • Internal management and board meetings
  • Training
  • Briefing analysts, press or the media
Who is the renewables sector presentation pack for?

Is it for anyone? No. This presentation template is specifically designed and crafted for professionals in the broad renewables & environment sectors. It is ideal for:

  • Solar PV, wind, hydropower, tidal, biomass, microgeneration and other renewable energy and storage areas, inlcuding infrastructure and grids.
  • Heating, cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) pros (heat pumps, solar thermal, etc)
  • Finance pros and investors in renewable energy markets
  • EPC businesses - Engineering, procurement and construction
  • Engineers, consultants, salespeople, technicians, analystis, tradesmen
  • Installers (solar, heat pumps, HVAC, etc) 
  • Renewable tech and HVAC re-sellers, wholesale, retail and web.
  • Journalists, bloggers, analysts and press within the industry
  • Researchers and academics
  • Policy makers, lobbyists, advisers and consultants
How to tailor the presentation to your specific needs

The slides all use a a neutral color scheme with fully adjustable colors throughout and a transparent clean background for all elements. This means you can adjust almost everything to suit your brand colors and really get a custom look. The pack however doesn't include any animation at all, so that you don't have to spend time removing it if you don't like it. If you want to add animation, you can just use all the standard PowerPoint options. So adjust your colors, add your logo and images, update the text and hide the slides you don't want to use. Ready? Break a leg, it's showtime!