Grow your renewables business internationally.


So many markets.
So little time.

International marketing is very challenging. It demands time, skill and commitment. Opportunity can't wait though... We get cleantech and renewable energy products into markets using our own specialist marketing techniques as well as our network of contacts. Get in touch to find our more.

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Turn uniqueness into advantage.

There are thousands of competitors for almost any renewables / cleantech product out there. The same is true for EPCs that compete with each other for the same projects. Whether it is solar, hydro, biofuel, wind, heating, microgrid, software or IoT related, the options out there are growing day by day. To develop a credible presence and put in motion a successful strategy you must first establish your true competitive advantage. After understanding everything about your business we know exactly how it should be marketed. Get in touch to find our more.

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Make a long-term commitment.

Marketing in the renewables markets is both an investment with a return and a competitive advantage. In both cases, long-term objectives pay off. Good marketers invest time and energy in understanding a product. We spend time to understand the market which translates into cumulative results. Through our commitment to the broader renewables sector we have custom-built our own armoury of tools. Get in touch to find our more.

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We keep our proprietary techniques and tools secret. Some of our conventional marketing tools are:

Strategy & partnerships

Strategy and big picture stuff.

  • Internationalisation strategy
  • Trade relationships
  • Market & product research
  • Strategic planning

Brand, identity & presence

Building the right image, credibly.

  • Branding & development
  • Visual design & collateral
  • Web design
  • Video & media production

Campaigns & results

Creating demand, getting orders.

  • Content strategy & social media
  • Bid management
  • Public relations
  • Direct & email marketing

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* No sign-up commitment, no fee, confidentiality and NDA included, subject to terms and availability.

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We work a little differently...

Renewables focus

We specialize in renewable technologies, cleantech and EPCs that need marketing attention to grow.

Expert internationalization

We've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. We'll help with international planning, distribution development and brand licensing.

Partners, not agents

We're small and offer our very few clients full attention, integration and long-term chemistry.

Full service flexibility

All marketing is centrally managed with one single point of contact and no limits to what can be done.

Virtual operations

Most marketing operations are based in Greece / Europe, with the exception of occasional site visits.

Results-based agreements

Although both project costing and performance-related plans are available, the latter is encouraged.

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  • brand2
  • brand3
  • brand4
  • brand5

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Free assessment*

* No sign-up commitment, no fee, confidentiality and NDA included, terms and conditions apply, subject to availability (limited spaces by priority). We serve a very limited roster of clients in order to achieve only the best results. As such, we will do our best to help your business through the consultation but we cannot guarantee service availability.

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About Texentric

Technical or complex green energy products / services such as engineering, construction, manufacturing, research etc have to convey complex information to very specialised markets. Texentric (tech-centric) marketing specializes in developing these markets by making complex information accessible and building relationships with these prospects.