Why all the buzz about GPEX?

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There’s always something exciting about attending or exhibiting at an energy, renewables or
cleantech trade show. There are a lot of novel applications of new technologies, some interesting
product launches, a lot of trade talk and, of course, the opportunity to meet promising new partners
and clients.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the new Global Power and Energy Exhibition (GPEX 17-20
September, Barcelona) which is a little different as cleantech trade shows go. That is because the
event is all about the energy transition. It is collocated with Gastech which you probably know of

The trade show is geared towards technologies, business and policy and has a great lineup of heavyhitter
exhibitors and a well-planned conference. It is expected that roughly 200 exhibitors will
represent generation, storage, grid / infrastructure and demand-side solutions.

By focusing on the energy transition itself, as opposed to any specific technology, GPEX will be of
particular interest to policy makers and traditional energy-related businesses that are taking part in
the transition.

We’re excited to support cleantech trade events or initiatives that bring value to the sector and so
we have agreed to join GPEX as a media partner for the event. The information above regarding the
GPEX trade show has been provided by the organiser, dmg :: events (UK) Ltd.

Visit www.gpexevent.com to find out more and to register for attendance.

Nick Virtsonis, Cleantech Marketer & Founder of Texentric

Nick specializes in international marketing for clean technologies. Nick's focus is on international market entry, technology distribution and growth marketing for tech. 

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