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Survey Anonymity & Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

Research Purpose: The survey will collect various anonymous data in order to build a comparative model for business performance, to understand how heat pump installers do business as well as opinions on certain business topics. As a participant you will have to opportunity to access a report with the results of the research.

Data collected: We will collect your responses which should not include any personal data in this survey as it is anonymous. We will use the anonymous survey data you provided to conduct the research analysis. The anonymous survey dataset will be maintained for future survey comparisons and analysis. You agree not to provide personal data or responses that reveal your identity. Any personal data or data that can point to your identity will be deleted. This personal data will be processed on the basis of compliance with our legal obligations and for the purpose of legitimate interests pursued by us and the commissioning parties for de-identification and in order to maintain the anonymity of this research. Since this survey doesn’t collect personal data it doesn’t fall under the purview of GDPR.

Additional safety measures for anonymity: Additional measures taken to protect anonymity have been taken. The survey uses ranges instead of exact values for any firmographic or demographic characteristics to avoid potentially identifiable characteristic patterns. Once the data analysis is completed any characteristics that could possibly result in identification through combination will be separated from the remaining dataset or deleted so that it is impossible to trace back to the response.

Commissioning parties: The research analysis will be processed by Nicolas Virtsonis (d/b/a Texentric) in accordance to these terms and the Texentric privacy policy (https://www.texentric.com/privacy/). Texentric is based in the European Economic Area (Greece). This research has been commissioned by TermoShop D.o.o d/b/a/ TermoPlus (Slovenia). The anonymous data and analysis, will be made available to TermoPlus. All anonymous survey data collected will become property of the commissioning parties once processing has taken place. Both parties reserve the right to maintain any separate records if and as required by law (https://termo-plus.com/privacy/).

Access to results: We can’t email you with the results for anonymity reasons but at the end of the survey you will be provided with a link to the results page. Bookmark this page or save it to return to at a later date as the results will be published between January and February 2021. Once the data is analyzed a report with the results will be made available to you by completing a separate opt-in form on the TermoPlus website in accordance to their privacy policy and terms. (https://termo-plus.com/privacy/). TermoPlus will publish this report and will determine its exact contents.

Publication: The anonymous survey results will be selectively published through the press and the Internet and made available in whole or in part to third parties. Your responses will not be published in any way that will allow identification. You agree to provide your responses in accordance with the intended uses for this survey.

Disclaimer: Your response to the survey is voluntary. If you are asked in the survey to reveal any data you do not wish to do so, please do not respond to the survey. You agree not to include any personal data, sensitive information of any kind and any confidential or proprietary information. We cannot guarantee that access to such personal data will be kept anonymous, confidential and secure. You therefore agree that any information or materials that you, or individuals acting on your behalf, provide us via survey responses will not be considered personal data, confidential or proprietary and that Texentric and the commissioning parties cannot and will not be held responsible to protect such data if you were to include it in your responses. Texentric and the commissioning parties reserve the right to terminate or withdraw a survey, and your opportunity to participate in a survey or receive any results at any time and for any reason. This survey is provided by Texentric on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis. Texentric and the commissioning parties will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from this survey, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and consequential damages.

You can contact us at research at texentric.com for any questions you may have.

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